10 Dog and Cat Furniture Tips You NEED to Know! Stylist Pet Decor For Your Home

I’ve been seeing a ton of babies and dogs in our building now that we’ve been in lockdown for over a year. I thought I would do a fun video on cool dog and cat furniture that you can incorporate into your home decor. We’ve found unique dog beds, playful cat beds, storage containers for your furry friends, shower stations to keep your home nice and clean along with some pet accessories that are super chic.

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Dog Beds
1:12 – Cat Beds
2:12 – Integrated Pet Furniture / Beds
2:55 – Integrated Pet Furniture / Bed with Millwork
3:54 – Pet Food Storage Containers
4:28 – Integrated Pet Food Stations
5:23 – Pet Bathtub, Pet Shower
6:02 – Pet Food and Shower Station Combined
6:40 – Pet Play Area
7:37 – Pet Friendly Interior Design
8:40 – Pet Accessories
9:47 – Summary

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