How to leash train your puppy or dog

Leash training your puppy can be stressful if you don’t know where to begin. Getting your puppy used to walk with a leash can be a struggle.

The one thing you have to keep in mind while leash training your puppy is to be patient and maintain the consistency. Some pups take the collar and leash easily, some don’t and for that, you have to keep exercising with your puppy for a time.

So, Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to leash train your puppy or dog. These steps will not only train them to walk on a leash beside you, but it will also teach them obedience and patience.

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  1. I have a 8 week old cane corso and she just sit there and will not walk at, but she also still not use to our home yet. The treat doesn’t work she won’t eat it at all

  2. My dog won't go potty outside. I take for walk it roam and after coming it Vil go at house after Cmg back from walk. Plz help me how to teach her. It is 5 months old Dalmatian dog.

  3. My dog is still young and he fights the leash… when I put it on him and he runs to the end of the leash he goes crazy and fights to get off the leash…. idk… I tried these steps and not working with him… he kinda hard headed

  4. When they are puppies do we just follow where they want to go? Or do we wait until he stops pulling and walk in the direction that we want

  5. I have back & knee problems so I can never just get on the ground & sit with my dog. What do you suggest I do if I can’t get down to my dogs level?

  6. My older sister gave me a dog, she wasn’t a puppy.. her old home people abused her and she is sacred to go to the toilet, she won’t go off the balcony by herself not even to go ANYWHERE , which is bad.

  7. My dog goes then stops for a long period of time, He’s 9 weeks almost 10. It’s getting annoying and we don’t want him in the habit.

  8. There are dogs that are NOT food motivated so this is not the only answer, and it is not explained well. There is a better way. If you choose to learn about it contact

  9. My puppy, he is 20 weeks old. He can sit, lie down, play dead, paw, roll over, look at me, he's fine with the collar and lead but he pulls to much. He has a harness but hates it, he just sits down and gets all sad and sloppy (it's the right size) . We take a treat bag and try to stop when he pulls but he likes people more. He is obsessed with people and moving objects

  10. I can’t get my husband’s dogs to move when they have a leash on. They just sit and won’t even come when I call them.

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