How To Train You Chihuahua Dog to Be Friendy

how to train your Chihuahua

One of the most common breed of dogs in the United States is the adorable Chihuahua. Unfortunately many owners never take the time to discover ways to train a Chihuahua properly; assuming these small dogs cannot get into much trouble because they are so small. Even so, a Chihuahua, though small and adorable, is probably one of the more aggressive dog breeds, and they can be incredibly stubborn when it comes to following commands. Proper coaching can be time intensive and should start as early as possible when they are a puppy.

What You Need to Know
A Chihuahua’s temperament is unique in many ways. First, the dog will be absolutely pleased just enjoying all of its time with you. As companion dogs, Chihuahuas are carefully bred to be connected at the hip to their owner wherever they go. Even so, that attachment can also lead to dominant behaviors and when these dogs are not properly socialized with other dogs and people, there are several aggression issues:

they behave larger than they appear, which while very adorable and sometimes even entertaining, can be quite dangerous if your dog is not trained properly
can be standoffish with strangers
can get aggressive toward other dogs
snappy with children
overly jumpy to noises outside.

Fortunately all of these behaviors can be controlled with good, early training.How to

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